Mother Earth News Fair: Biomass Cogeneration

Two weeks ago, I assisted with exhibiting a new technology at The Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville, North Carolina.

I was consulting for the Combined Energy Technology (CET) team based in Athens, OH. They are an engineering and R&D firm working on developing biomass fueled cogeneration systems.

CET was publicly presenting the Bio-Gen 1000 technology for the first time at The Mother Earth News Fair. I recommended this venue because the attendees are forward thinking, sustainable minded, and environmentally conscious.

The Bio-Gen 1000 unit is revolutionary for its ability to gasify biomass into fuel for operation. The system itself generates 1kw of electricity, 5.5kw of heat energy, and 1 lb of biochar per hour. The combination of these features is perfect for off-grid, agricultural operations, and sustainable power sites.


Personally, I view some amazing possibilities for CET in the future. This technology has the ability to be powered by a wide range of locally sourced fuels. I envision transporting this system to remote third world locations and having the locals bring agricultural waste to fuel the Bio-Gen. When operating in this format, the system could potentially provide electricity, sterilize water, and produce bio-char to be used for soil regeneration. As you can imagine, localized power plants could be very useful to locations without a ready supply of electricity and sterile water. Further, unlike standard gas powered generators – there will be no need to supply expensive fuel to the location.

We can consider the Bio-Gen 1000 to be the world’s third form of Renewable Energy and I am very excited that it will soon be available to the wider public.

More information available at



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