Business and personal sustainability consulting is one of my favorite things to do! I am more than happy to hear about your issues and give you a summary of how I might be able to assist.

A summary of my assistance is free. I’ll give you a cost for my services and you can choose to move forward accordingly.

Send over a brief description of your desires, dreams, and needs.


Common consultations:

  1. “I want my business to be more “green” but i don’t know where to start?”
  2. “I have a product and I have trouble accessing my customer base in the field of sustainability?”
  3. “I am trying to launch a new form of clean technology; Can you help me?”
  4. “I want to make my home more energy efficient; what is your advice to begin?”
  5. “I need a business connection in the field of sustainability; do you know someone who works in __________?”
  6. “I want to build a new home; where should I begin?”
  7. I’m trying to pick a type of green construction. Should I go Earth Sheltered, Passive House, Net Zero, All Solar, Coal Zero, Green Globe, DOE Net Zero Ready, etc. What is the best choice for me and where do I start? 
  8. “I want my home to be a healthier place for my family; where should I start and what should I spend?”
  9. “I would like to get into the rental business. How can i begin while also being sustainable focused and socially conscious?”